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A dedication to precision and accuracy is vital in the manufacture of components. Yangzhou Positioning utilizes state of the art production techniques to guarantee you the highest degree of performance and stability. Our diverse selection of electronic components includes resistors、 capacitors、Bobbin、Transformers and fuse supply .

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Our R&D team is led by a technician with 26 years of experience. They create electrical components according to the standards set by the industry leaders, Westcode, ABB GE and Powerex. These standards exerted t custom projects too. we gladly accept OEM/ODM requests and will finish your sample in three to four weeks.

Raw material from the US and advanced testing equipment from Sweden ensure quality begins at the very start. And every month, we produce up to 10,000 resistors to meet your volume orders, Delivery takes just four to five weeks-faster than the industry average of five to nine weeks. To learn more about how you can benefit by sourcing from us, contact us today.


Comprehensive assistance and bring professional advices to the clients from Yangzhou positioning, trust worth business partner.

Yangzhou Positioning Tech Co., ltd is customer oriented, their experienced technical team helped the clients carry out the best solutions

Straightforward from order to delivery. The streamlined order process has helped us focus on our client’s needs. Yangzhou Positioning’s customer service far exceeded our expectations garnered from a significant history of dealing with foreign supply chain partnerships

Yangzhou Positioning was able to work with clients to develop a custom solution. Product quality and service were outstanding. Looking forward to the opportunity to work with Yangzhou Positioning in the future

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