Waterproof parallel LED lightning arrester 220V(YZPST-LED5B)

Product size chart Brief Introduction to product This product is used for lightning and surge pulse protection of LED lamps.Due to the LED lamps for the core of the device is a semiconductor diode, it can be extremely low or even overvoltage, 5-6V is enough to destroy the lamp beads,so it is necessary to select […]

(YZPST-T1-SPC/240)Surger Protector (SPD)

Sample Description Surger Protector (SPD) Model Specification s YZPST-T1-SPC/240 The test instrument is used this time MOV tester (10/350)、(8/20)lightning current testboard RH 75% Temperature 25℃ project rating measured value Test product L-PE line-line,± Voltage and± Leakage current 490±10% V ≤20μA Product: L-PE,+ 490 V,+ 4.96 μA; – 488 V,- 4.89 μA;   In the product l-pe line, […]