Brand new high voltage polyester film capacitor bank-YZPST-DCMJ0.8-7300uf


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Brand new high voltage polyester film capacitor bank-YZPST-DCMJ0.8-7300uf

V RRM = Repetitive peak reverse voltage
V DRM = Repetitive peak off state voltage
V RSM = Non repetitive peak reverse voltage (2)

DCMJ series power capacitor


Function and Application:

polyester film capacitor To be applied  for  AC input voltage 380–1150V, middle DC voltage less than 2kv, low frequency (<1KHz) and middle frequency (1-8KHz) induct furnace power supply series  circuit .

Power capacitors application solution for induct furnace / switch on and off / welding machine power supply

DCMJ series , Low/Middle frequency water cooled DC filter power capacitor

DCMJ0.8-7300uf The technology unique point:

Special deposition metal film,

igh dv/dt,di/dt

Double sides water cooling ,improve

the electronic current ability

•  Single /grouping   water cooled scheme

can be customized

• Cooling water must be  pure water, the

out water temperature will be less than 40℃

Conditions of use/technical parameters/product standards:

The temperature range: -25℃~+50℃

Rated voltage:UN(dc):≤2KV(DC)

Rated capacity CN: ≤8000uF

Capacity error △C: ±5%

Maximum current Irms:≤2500A(Products can be customized,

3000-4000 A )

Products standards:



Also can be made according to the customers’ standards

DCMJ capacitor (3)

DCMJ series power capacitor (2)DCMJ series power capacitor (1)